IMG_4758Hello, I’m Diana!

Welcome to my little spot on the interwebs! This is the space where I share my notes on life, handmade crafts, and adventures in the kitchen.  I am 22, a student teacher, a young wife, and a chocolate enthusiast!

I was born in Chicago, raised in Massachusetts, and live in Utah where I found my wonderful husband, Isaac.  In Utah, I also found my faith!

The name of the blog comes from where I fit in in the world.  For the past several years I have found myself somewhere in-between in several aspects of my life – religion, politics, school, relationships, future plans, etc.  I seek truth and beauty in the world around me.

Fun Facts:

  1. I broke my sternum when I was in third grade.
  2. My favorite thing to bake is bread.
  3. I was born at home on the living room sofa.
  4. I am attracted to the natural life style, but am still figuring out my life.
  5. I am the youngest grandchild on my dad’s side.
  6. I served as a Young Performing Missionary in Nauvoo, Illinois for my church during the summer of 2015.
  7. My goal for 2018 is to simplify my life, de-clutter, and minimize.

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